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The artist in his studio.


The Artist

I grew up in Colorado until age 17 when my folks moved to the Bay Area in California. I spent many happy days fishing with my dad and grandfather all over the state of Colorado, with occasional forays into Wyoming and Montana, always chasing the wily trout. This is where I developed my love for the natural world.

My studio is in Camas, Washington. My wife is a Concert Violinist and member of a major Symphony Orchestra.

My professional career was in the high-tech Commercial and Industrial Lighting industry, but my passion has always been in design and art. My goal is to produce works designed around wild things found in nature. Most pieces are wild critters, wolves, cougars, bears, fish, turtles, Eagles, Owls & Raptors with the occasional butterfly, tree, flower or landscape. I have memorialized dogs, cats and other pets in art on a commission basis.​

The Art

An image is drawn on the foil with a marker, then by use of a series of small hammers and embossing tools the copper is shaped into the likeness of what the artist is trying to depict. Once the three-dimensional image is complete, a variety of patinas and washes are used to “antique” and color the copper. A small torch is sometimes used in concert with the patinas to create various colors. The piece is finish colored with a variety of transparent inks and a couple of secret coloring techniques before the final sealing and framing.


This results in flat foil being turned into three dimensional “paintings” which appear to have much more depth than they actually do. The goal is to make the works life-like, however, recognizable as having been created with some artistic discretion.  


Each work is signed twice, one visible and one hidden. Each work also contains a hidden heart.  The viewer is invited to find the second signature and heart hidden in each piece. The final step is to finish with the artist “chop”, a wax seal of the American Eagle which you see above. 


Most pieces, including the largest three foot by ten-foot pieces are made of single sheets of copper. The artist has done original pieces as large as 5’ x 10’ & 3' x 7'.  Original copper pieces can be created in virtually any size.  High Definition Aluminum prints can be made in various sizes.  The maximum size for prints is 4' x 8'


The artist's work can be found in collections around the country with pieces acquired by collectors in Europe. Artist has  participated in many shows, festivals and PLEIN-AIR events.  He has been honored to receive People’s Choice, Artist of the Month and Best in Show awards.

The artist at work with his assistant.


The Copper Works Art studio is located

in Southwest Washington overlooking the majestic Columbia River.


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