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I grew up in Colorado until age 17 when my folks moved to the Bay Area in California. I spent many happy days fishing with my dad and grandfather all over the state of Colorado, with occasional forays into Wyoming and Montana, always chasing the wily trout. This is where I developed my love for the natural world.

My studio is in Camas, Washington. My wife is a Concert Violinist and member of a major Symphony Orchestra.

My professional career was in the high-tech Commercial and Industrial Lighting industry, but my passion has always been in design and art. My goal is to produce works designed around wild things found in nature. Most pieces are wild critters, wolves, cougars, bears, fish, turtles, Eagles, Owls & Raptors with the occasional butterfly, tree, flower or landscape. I have memorialized dogs, cats and other pets in art on a commission basis.​

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